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Switchboard Upgrades Gold Coast
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Switchboard Upgrades Gold Coast

A switchboard upgrade may be necessary if you live in an older home on the Gold Coast to ensure that your wiring and switchboard are enough to support the electrical needs of several household appliances when they are in use simultaneously.

For example, you need a lot of electricity to run the dishwasher, washing machine, oven and air conditioning at the same time. There is a risk of a fuse burning out or the wiring burning out in older Gold Coast homes built more than twenty years ago, resulting in dangerous electrical fires.

You may also need to upgrade your switchboard if it does not have the required two RCD’s. Whether you want to improve your electricity supply or keep your home and family safe, Emos Electrical can upgrade your electrical switchboard for a very reasonable fee.

An expert electrician with experience and extensive knowledge like Emos Electrical is needed when upgrading a switchboard.

The distribution board is tailored to meet the needs of your power supply, a full instrument wiring test is conducted after installation, and you will receive an Electrical Safety Certificate for your assurance that the job has been done well. 

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Risks Associated With Outdated Gold Coast Switchboards

» There Are No RCD Safety Switches To Prevent Electrocutions​

Safety switches have been compulsory on all new homes in Queensland since 1992. Safety switches must also be fitted to all power point circuits when a new electrical installations occur, such as a general power outlet (GPO). In order to prevent an electrical shock, RCDs cut the power source immediately. They reduce the risk of electrocutions by 90%. Many Electrical Fires Are Caused By Fuses And Plug-In Circuit Breakers

» It is illegal to use fuses

When loose connections are under load, arcing occurs, melting the cable and eventually starting a fire. Using the wrong size Fuse-wire or Plug-in Circuit Breaker in fuse base overloads and burns the cable. Trying to replace or check a fuse-wire while hanging out the wire will shock you.

» Exposure To Asbestos Boards (Cancer-Causing)

Asbestos is often found in the mountings of older switchboards, which could pose a health risk if incorrectly removed. A licensed and trained electrician must perform the asbestos removal when upgrading a switchboard. Drilling or cutting asbestos is dangerous and illegal. Asbestos fibres released when drilling an asbestos switchboard can get into your lungs and cannot be removed once inhaled.

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